The blind who are looking for gold

Looking at most people dreams nowadays, sometimes I just can’t believe, why are the most wonderful creatures in this earth (could be universe??) can think or even give their life for something that will be thrown away at the end.

some of us dream of unlimited resource of money, well honestly i do dream about it 🙂  and nothing wrong about it. what wrong is we forget that it is not our goal but just tools to fulfill our dreams.

Life will be very easy if i have much money, when i need a new house or car, just write a check, wanna go around the world with all people i love, just pay for it, when my friends (someone in the street) need something for their life, just let me know how much you need or when i got touched by Al Gore’s movie then just invest my money for the environment preservation. So very nice having much money

But sometimes, this is the “blind” side, we offer/let go all the good things for some money.. we cheat on every chance we got to have as much as we can but left nothing for others, we leave everyone we love for the reason of making money, we go around the world but busy with all the business stuff instead of enjoy it with our lover and we even destroy all good things around us (friends, environment etc) just to make more money.

After we got all that money then we got confuse, what should we do with all the money.  No one left for us (the real one that loves us as we are), too busy for go around the city with the latest version cars we have, too many houses but no one live there, to many destructions to be healed with all money we got.

Then our body weakened and no cure for the ages.. we just waiting for 2×1 box as the last house for this body.. well, just like the blind who are looking for golds instead of friends to accompany them find the right path..

“something is thing just when you realize it”

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